Web Why Choose Us

We offer a far better service, at a far
better price than our competitors!

Our business model is built on low profit margins and more importantly, gaining clients for repeat business. We have a whole range of services to offer so it makes sense for us.

We are aware that to gain repetitive business, we have to serve our clients very well and ensure 100% satisfaction in quality aspects and customer care. Please see below the 7 main reasons why we offer a much better service than others:


1. Unlimited design revisions!

There are unlimited design revisions on every package to ensure you are 100% satisfied. Most others limit the number of revisions you are entitled to, especially for their lowest priced packages.


2. Unbeatable prices!

We pride ourselves on being the most affordable design service online. Check yourself and compare what we offer. All our design services are competitively priced from logo to web packages.


3. 24/7 online live support!

We have 24/7 online live support that can help you with any questions you may have at anytime. As business people ourselves, we know that communication helps to grow things much easier and faster. Many others offer support 9am to 5pm only. This is not good enough for the modern day entrepreneur or business.

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4. USA talented designers!

All designers have to be exceptional because our business is backed by a huge 60-day, 100% money back guarantee. We know we have to employ great designers as otherwise we face refunds.

Other firms will not risk their revenue by offering a 100% money back guarantee policy. Please see yourself and you will agree.

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5. Free flash head banner!

We provide a free flash head banner for all web packages. This gives some live animation to your site which can hold a visitor on your website. Other firms will only offer this as part of their expensive packages.

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6. Free stock HD photos!

We provide free stock HD photos for your website. Our designers save you time by using our stock of quality photos from the international photo vendor we use. We use high digital quality photos. Other firms will ask you to supply them and that can be complicated and very time consuming.

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7. Huge 60-day, 100% Money Back Guarantee!

Yes, we provide a whopping 60-day, 100% Money Back Guarantee on all packages (no questions asked and no fees).

You will not find other web firms offering 100% money back on all design packages they offer, let alone a 60-day guarantee policy with no fees and no questions asked. This should reassure you that we really have to work to satisfy you. Simple.


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