Free SMS text message is the first company to provide SMS text message facility to its customers. This we believe reflects our innovative and serious approach to our customer service.

The service is optional and free to all our customers. It allows you to receive a free SMS text message when we have emailed your logos to you. Such instant notification speeds up the time it takes for you to receive your final logo. Thus allowing you to move more quickly to the next step in your business development. Its Simple

When you place your order you will have the option of inputting your cell number to receive the free text message. That’s all what is needed from you. We simply send an SMS text as soon as we email your original logos and any revisions that are subsequently delivered. You can reply at your earliest convenience.

The free SMS text forms part of our professional design process. The design process is intended to keep you in touch with your logo design development as efficiently as we can manage.

TESTED                  17-January