Summit International Awards

The Summit Awards is an internationally respected organization, well known for its mission to promote excellence in the communications industry. Companies and individuals, from more than 50 countries over five continents, participate in the Summit Awards programs. It upholds the goal of recognizing companies and individuals that do more than what is necessary. That go beyond the expected.

The Summit Marketing Effectiveness Awards, removes the barriers to entering such a competition. The Summit Awards believes that all marketing communicators, whether a one-person firm, in-house department or large agency, should have the opportunity to have their efforts evaluated in an effectiveness competition that is uncomplicated and reasonably priced. stays on top of the latest developments in the logo industry standards and practises by keeping a close focus on the feedback produced from the Awards. This is fundamentally important so that the customers of  receive logos that represent today’s business climate.

In order to receive greater recognition in the design industry, has a plan to regularly forward the best logo designs it produces to the Award ceremony. As an innovative company with very talented designers we seek to reward our creative designers on an international stage. We regard this as fair business practice for our designers and will serve to hold the best designers we have. In turn, this delivers better quality designs to our international customer base.

Furthermore, the Awards have the ability to greatly publicise the respective logo company we have provided logos for. This provides tremendous free advertising opportunities for our customers and is thus an innovative way for a logo company to work with its customers.

TESTED                  17-January