Quality control

It’s fundamentally important for a professional logo company to have a thorough quality control process so that each and every customer receives the logo he or has “exactly” in mind.

Our quality control process works very strictly to ensure each and every customer is treated like all customers with every check on quality in place.

We understand that each customer is unique, and its no good us doing a great logo for 1 in 5 customers and winning an award for that 1 logo.

Thus its very important for any customer hunting for a logo design firm to choose one which states its quality control process and conveys one which is strict and professional.

So how does our quality process work?…In 4 steps.

  1. Three designers work on each logo order

  2. For each and every package 3 of our designers work on a single logo order. The principle of “2 heads are better than 1” holds very true in logo design. More creative ideas are put to the table and we have found the end result is more appealing to the customer. This is a unique management technique and not held by all logo companies.

  3. The role of the account manager

  4. Before any logo sample or revision is passed to the customer, it goes through an account manage for review. The account manager reviews 2 important factors:

    • Does the quality of the logo meet what has been asked for by the customer? And
    • Do the logo samples provide enough choice for the customer to move forward with his or her thinking as regards what revisions to request to obtain the desired logo?

    If there is any degree of uncertainty with any of the questions then the logo samples are returned back to the designer for a reattempt with instructions on how the designer can improve the design.

  5. Monitoring the quality of our designer team

  6. Our designers are evaluated on each logo order delivered. An account manager scores the logo order on a rank of 1 to 10. At the end of each month the average score is worked out to judge the quality of each of our designers to ensure high standards are maintained month by month. We recruit and maintain employment for only those who can achieve the standards we set ourselves.

  7. The incentive structure for each designer.

    • At the end of each month, the top 5 designers that achieves the highest average score credited to them for each order are rewarded with an attractive monetary bonus.
    • 50dollarlogo.com is also very keen to forward any outstanding works of its designers to various international award bodies so as to reward the designer on the international stage.

Sun Feb 17 2019

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