Full-time online live help

When you choose a logo company its fundamental you choose one which places strong emphasise on efficient customer support. Otherwise you will either not get the logo you want or it will take way too long for you to receive your final logo after the revisions take place.

The most efficient form of customer support available currently on the internet is online live help”. This is because no matter where you are, at work, at home, or travelling, you are able to quickly and easily voice any questions and obtain immediate feedback.

We believe logo companies that do not have online support essentially wish to take your payment and complete the order in the most cost-effective way it desires. This is at odds with any of your changing requirements.

With 50dollarlogo.com you are aware that placing an order entitles you to immediate help or feedback if you desire it.  Our online live help support staff enable you to receive any feedback when you need it. This we hope offers you great peace of mind.

The live help support offered by 50dollarlogo.com we believe reflects the professional management we have in place.

Moreover, the live help online support forms part of our quality design process whereby you may renew some of your requirements for your logo or ask for guidance and advise as regards your logo design or intentions. If you wish to discuss any part of your logo design then this can be done with one of support staff easily from your own home online free of charge.

Another example of our professional customer service support is the fact that we are the first to offer free SMS text message facility to all our customers. This provides you with the opportunity to receive an instant notification when we have emailed your logo samples at each and every stage of the design process, so that you can provide feedback at your earliest convenience. This speeds up the time it takes for you to get your final logo.

Fri Jan 18 2019

TESTED                  17-January