Our unique process focuses on
premium quality, simplicity and speed!

It takes only 2 minutes to order online and
no registration is required

We back our process with a whopping 60-day 100% money
back guarantee!
No fees, no questions.

Read our Guarantee Policy.....

...you should agree it tops all our competitors, and offers you best insurance
possible. You need to know this...

Don’t be fooled by our competitor’s guarantees...

Many will claim 100% Guarantee, but in reality you have to pass certain requirements to get your money back. It’s a marketing gimmick.

They will need proof that your design specifications have not been met. This is purposely vague so that it’s virtual impossible to get your money back!

Also, if you have requested any revisions to your first set of samples with our competitors it then is impossible to get your money back.

... We were once a small business, so we decided to do something about it!

Our Guarantee is one of the best in the internet industry
(Not just the design sector).

Here’s why:
  1. 60-Day - 100% No-Risk Money Back Guarantee (no hidden fees).
  2. Refund at any stage of the design process! No time limit.
  3. Hassle Free. No questions. No claims.
  4. Simple. Just email us and say "refund me„.
  5. Immediate refund within 5 days.

Our bullet proof Guarantee Policy should tell you that our service must be good as otherwise we could never sustain being in business! Other firms can survive doing poor designs and they don’t mind.

The point is we can provide such a guarantee as we have spent tens of thousands training our designers. Others simply don’t have the quality and therefore cannot provide such prices, features and such a guarantee!

We have a "Lowest Price Guarantee" that means
if you can find an offer cheaper, let us know and
we will beat it!

How Our Design Process Work...

Its only takes 2 minutes to submit an order online with us. We immediately begin our creative works the same day.

In 5 simple steps you get your “ready to go” logo

1. Select a logo package that suits you

We offer only 2 main logo packages to keep things simple. You can also opt for a package that combines business card designs and complete stationary designs. From our packages page, you will easily be able submit your order.

2. Place your order online

Order conveniently online within only 2 minutes. We provide a simple one page order form for you. Unlike other companies, who ask for verifications of identity, we keep it quick and simple. If you wish you can simply state a few details and allow our designers to use their creativity and initiative.

3. Receive your logos via email

Within 3 business days you will have all your logos emailed to you. We also have an option for you to opt for the 24 hour process. Unlike offshore logo firms, all our logos are 100% custom-made, 100% unique and 100% different to one another. This gives you the widest array of ideas and increases the chance of you getting the best logo possible.

To speed things up, we send a free SMS text message to you so you know when your logos have arrived.

4. Request any revisions

Unlike some logo firms, you are entitled with 50dollarlogo.com to request free unlimited revisions. We work on your logos as soon as we get the revision requests. You can reply in your own time. We work on your logos as soon as we get the revision requests.

See our comparison table that displays how some logo firms limit the number of revisions. Further, they often offer far less number of original logo samples at a higher price.

5. Receive your final logo

When you are 100% satisfied, we will send you the logo files free of cost. The files will allow you to use them for whatever purpose. The logo files, for example, will enable you to place it on your website, letterheads, business cards, company vehicles, t-shirts, mug...the list goes on. Unlike others, our files allow you to resize your logo without distortion to quality.


You are done. Add your new logo to your website and/or printing material.

Remember, every package benefits from our
60-Day, 100% Money Back Guarantee Policy. If you are not
happy at any stage get all your money back within 5 days
(no fees deducted). That simple.

So what’s different about our process?

Unlimited concepts and revisions... why it’s so much more!

The difference explained to you in black and white and why you need to know this!

Unlike many firms who limit the number of revisions, we provide unlimited revisions for you as part of our 100% satisfaction guarantee. There is another crucial factor for you to consider - we offer unlimited concepts, which means if your first set of designs does not satisfy you we will provide a totally fresh set.

This is an additional service free of cost for you. Further, if at any time in the design process you would like fresh logo concepts (fresh ideas), then we also provide 3 fresh concepts to you free of cost. You can ask for this an unlimited time.

Now this is truly unique to our competitors just offering "unlimited revisions" as they only revise a "previously" designed logo. If you wanted fresh logo concepts with a competitor you would have to pay for a second order.

You are also unlikely to get your money back on the first order too. This underlines a massive difference between us and other logo firms. You control the design process with total flexibility.

You can use our advanced online voting system

Wouldn’t it be helpful if your colleagues and friends were able to view your designs and for them to vote for their favourite? This is exactly what we provide. This advertises your business instantly and starts making you connections.

We provide a sophisticated software platform that provides you with a free personal design account for your business.

Each of our customers receives a free personal account which enables them to check into their very own business design centre. First, many of our competitors use email to send logo samples to their customers which means you cannot see the history and progress your project has taken and the communication in-between. With us you can conveniently log in to your account and see all such information’s and request changes to your designs at anytime.

We also equip you there with a complete design service that any business could possibly demand. We can work as your personal "all in-one" design team so that you do not have to deal with different companies about different designs. All your business designs are stored within one place for you to access at anytime. You can access all your files or order more design services to expand your brand.

Yes, it’s true our packages start
from only $50!

See our Packages Now

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