What types of logos exist?

There are three basic types of logos: Logotype/Word mark, iconic/Symbolic, and combination logos. The type of logo for your company varies on different factors such as the size of your company, the uniqueness of your name, and a variety of other factors.

Text logo
A text logo is a logo which consists of the text of the company's name. The contents of this type of logo are the graphic elements such as lines, boxes and borders. A text logo is more efficient in the condition when you have multi-word business name or if you have a unique business name or if your trademark protection is very important. An example of a text logo is:


Symbol logo
The opposite of a text logo is a symbol logo. This type of logo includes neither words nor letters. It consists of only symbols, images and shapes. Symbols are less direct than straight text, leaving room for broader interpretation of what the organization represents. Symbol logo is more efficient in the condition when a company has a high level of brand recognition or if a company has a unique symbol or even if time is available to trademark a logo. Example of this type of logo is:


Combination logo
A combination logo has graphics with both text and a symbol which represents the brand image of your company or organization. The symbol and text can be integrated together, side by side, or with one located above the other. Example of this type of logo is:

It’s very important to determine which type of logo you want at the very first step of designing.



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