What makes a good logo?

A logo is the symbol or trademark of a company. Logo design is one of the important parts of graphic design. A logo gives graphical and pictorial representation of a business.

When establishing a business, the first thing a company should consider is the logo design. The logo should be designed according to the name of the company and the business product.

A logo is said to be good logo if it has following features:

  1. Firstly a logo should be eye catching and simple.
  2. Simple color pattern and short text should be used.
  3. A logo must be strongly relevant to the business nature.
  4. It can be abstract or realistic.
  5. A logo designed with limited colors works more successfully.
  6. A logo must be able to convey a company’s mission and service.
  7. A good logo builds your brand and gives more professional look to your business.
  8. A good logo design should also works well in black and white. Colors are not that much important in a good logo design.
  9. If a logo does not look good in black and white, it won't look good in any color.
  10. It is better if you avoid being too 'modern'. A trendy look might work now but fashions change.
  11. A logo of your company should be unique and be timeless for sustained business growth.




Fri Jan 18 2019

TESTED                  17-January