Logo facts you should know


A Logo can symbolically or pictorially represent a company. A Logo can be as simple as a dot or as complex with maze of colors and patterns.

Have you ever thought how may logos you might be exposed to daily? Have you guessed?  Many people guess for only several in number.

According to one research, it is estimated that most people are exposed to over 200 logo designs or brand marks per hour.

Find it hard to believe? Well, here are some examples to make you comprehend its possibility: you get up and have a cup of tea or coffee which have their own logos. After, you shower and wash with your branded shampoos and deodorants. You get ready with your branded dress, shirt, shoes, watch, etc. You are now ready to go to the office in your  branded car into our world presented with logo after logo after logo. 


Fri Jan 18 2019

TESTED                  17-January