American design awards

The American Design Awards values the importance of eye-catching design pieces. Founded in the year 2000 by design professional and educator Brandon McKay, as well as graphic designers Kevin and Art Javid of San Diego, California they envisioned to not only provide the graphic and web design community (domestic and international) with a legitimate and accessible design awards program, but more importantly to educate graphic artists worldwide on the importance of upholding and practicing ethical design guidelines.

The American Design Awards hopes to change how people view graphic designers, by offering design awards to the most creative international designs.

The American Design Awards is one of the most respected independent awards organizations internationally, and it can be attributed to not only their guidelines but more importantly having the best interest of their fellow graphic designers, and the industry in mind.

The American Design Awards holds a Monthly Design Contest and two Semi Annual Design Contests in Summer and Winter months, as well as a newly established Student Design Contest, set to debut in the Spring of 2007. keeps a close focus on the Awards and the feedback that is produced from the Awards in efforts to stay on top of the latest developments in the logo industry standards and practises. This is fundamentally important so that the customers of  receive logos that represent today’s business climate. has a plan to regularly put forward the best logo designs it produces to the Award ceremony in efforts to receive greater recognition in the design industry. We have very talented designers and as an innovative company we seek to reward our creative designers on an international stage. This we regard as fair business practice for our designers and will serve to hold the best designers we have.

Furthermore, the Awards have the ability to greatly publicise the respective logo company we have provided logos for. This provides tremendous free advertising opportunities for our customers and is thus an innovative way for a logo company to work with its customers.

Fri Jan 18 2019

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